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By 2050, it is projected that more than half of the world's 30 largest economies will be countries that are currently classified as 'Emerging'. Knowledge on these countries is an invaluable resource for leveraging their many opportunities. However, the data currently existing on them is inadequate. Based at the Asia campus in Singapore, and set up in partnership with the Economic Development Board of Singapore, the Emerging Markets Institute reflects the changing focus of global growth and emphasizes INSEAD's committment to the region. The physical presence in Singapore provides the ability to leverage the city-state's global reputation as a center for talent and trade. The EMI aims to create a leading think tank on all matters of relevance to business, economic and social development in these dynamic markets.


Uncertainty in the rich world and a new growth normal in developing economies add up to big changes

Please click here for the full article "Emerging Markets - The Comeback Story".



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Recent Publications

Brazil's X Factor: Building Business Groups Too Quickly Can End in Catastrophe

15 July 2016


Felipe Monteiro, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Strategy

Emerging Markets - The Comeback Story

30 November 2016


Vinika Devasar Rao, Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute

How Middle Managers Manage the Political Environment to Achieve Market Goals

The complete version of this paper will soon be published in the Strategic Management Journal

18 February 2016

Quy Huy, INSEAD Professor of Strategy

Emerging Market Leaders Should Give Up Some Power

8 February 2016

Vinika Devasar Rao, Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute 

Adopt Contrasting Strategies for Emerging Markets

30 December 2015

V. Paddy Padmanabhan, INSEAD Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of Emerging Markets Institute

Managing Godfathers

October 21, 2015

Gilles Hilary and Dominique Lecossois, Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD’s Emerging Market Institute and former Vice President and Board Director at Carrefour 

Five Steps to Success in Emerging Markets

As the global market faces a massive geo-economic realignment, multinationals are having to rethink every aspect of the way they do business. What is the key to success in emerging markets? Is it a matter of strategy or execution, long-term coherence or ... (continue here)

Millennials want to lead. Are they ready?

In the near future millennials will occupy every consequential leadership position in the world, be it in business, academia, government, or in the non-profit sector. Will they be ready to lead? (continue here)




INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute is proud to be the Partner in Asia for UNCTAD’s Business Schools for Impact Project.




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