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Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise


The Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise enables INSEAD to run events and educational programmes that benefit family firms across the globe. The Centre has also adopted a wider advocacy role by raising awareness and understanding of the importance of family enterprise as a business model: not only are family firms in their many forms the most prevalent type of companies worldwide - they are also proven to be among the most successful in the long-term.


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21 January 2017 - Family IntrapreneurshipA Key to Long-Term Survival - Asia campus, Singapore - Registrations now closed


25 March 2017 - Journée des Entreprises Familiales - Fontainebleau - Réservations ouvertes


17 June 2017 - Family Enterprise Day - Fontainebleau - SAVE THE DATE


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Owner-Management in Denmark - The Owner-Managers And The Transfer Of Ownership

Morten Bennedsen og Kasper Meisner Nielsen, May 2016

Ejerledelse i Danmark - Ejerlederne og ejerskiftet - in Danish The report is intended for owner-managers in Danish businesses as well as accountants, consultants and other stakeholders in owner-managed businesses in Denmark. The report aims to inspire and provide information that is valuable in the planning of the future of owner-managed businesses.

Owner-Management in Denmark - The Financial Consequences Of A Transfer Of Ownership In Denmark

Morten Bennedsen and Kasper Meisner Nielsen, April 2016

Ejerledelse i Dammark - de økonomiske konsekvenser af ejerskifte i Danmark - in Danish

In this second report under the title "Owner-Management in Denmark" Professor Morten Bennedsen and Professor Kasper Meisner Nielsen uncover the number of changes of managing directors and ownership changes in owner-managed businesses in Denmark since 1995, and how many to expect in the future. The report also examines the financial impacts that the changes in management and ownership have had on the businesses. The report states among other things, that most changes occur at management levels, i.e either through a professionalization with new directors from outside of the business but without a change of ownership, or in preparation for a succession as new family members enter the management of the business, and that the profit margin of the business declines with successions.

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Enduring Firms Transfer Assets and Knowledge Effectively

Morten Bennedsen, INSEAD Knowledge - 20 December 2016

In this article, Professor Bennedsen explains how family assets such as name and members are managed matters for longevity.


Untangling The Emotional Knots In Family Businesses

Manfred Kets de Vries, Financial Times - 14 December 2016

According to Manfred Kets de Vries, measuring performance alone does not explain so many business failures. Unresolved family disputes and individuals’ unconscious motivations often lead to communication breakdowns and escalating conflicts.


Viewpoint: Family Investment Groups And What Makes Them So Special

Morten Bennedsen, Family Capital - 14 December 2016

The family investment group is increasingly becoming a feature of 21st-century global capitalism. Many of them are thriving and will exert even more influence on global capital flows in the years ahead. But what makes them so special, and, indeed, successful?


It’s All Relative: The Four Keys To Family Business Longevity

Morten Bennedsen, Brian Henry, South China Morning Post - 2 Décember 2016

According to INSEAD Professor of Economics and Political Science Morten Bennedsen and Research Fellow Brian Henry, firms with long-term planning in place are in a much better position to withstand the health shocks of their founders than those firms without. In addition, every long-lived family-run business combines four common themes in their heritage.


Innovation And Family Firms Do Go Together

Morten Bennedsen, Business Times - 22 November 2016

According to Morten Bennedsen, INSEAD Professor of Economics and Political Science, the best way family-run enterprises can safeguard their assets from turning into liabilities is to institutionalise innovation. 


A World-Class Family Company Based on Values

Randel Carlock, INSEAD Knowledge - 14 Novembre 2016

According this article, a firm that truly looks after its workers becomes a world-class garment manufacturer…


Building A Socially Responsible Success Story (vidéo)

Randel Carlock, INSEAD Knowledge - 14 Novembre 2016
Mahesh Amalean, a founder of a garment manufacturer in Sri Lanka explains how family values shape his highly respected and responsible enterprise.


How to Integrate In-Laws into the Family Business

Randel Carlock, INSEAD Knowledge - 8 Novembre 2016

How a family business manages its in-laws should be decided by its values, Professor Carlock says.


Should You Let In-Laws Into The Family Business? (video)

Randel Carlock, INSEAD Knowledge - 8 November 2016

When they get "the call", children of family business owners have to make the big decision about whether to move home and join their parents' business. Their parents may also have plans for their spouses, or none at all.


Empresa familiar: como alinhar família e trabalho para obter melhores resultados

Paulo Aziz Nader , - 3 de novembro de 2016

Conforme os anos vão passando, a gestão vai se tornando mais complexa e é muito importante que os comandantes tenham clareza de algumas questões cruciais à medida em que as gerações vão passando


Principles Of Successful Teams From The Singapore Women's Everest Team (video)

Randel Carlock, INSEAD Knowledge - 31 October 2016

Sim Yi Hui, the co-founder of the Singapore Women's Everest Team, shares how a group of women of different ages and from different walks of life made it to the roof of the world.


Teamwork, the Everest Way

Randel Carlock, INSEAD Knowledge - 31 October 2016

Sim Yi Hui, the co-founder of the Singapore Women's Everest Team, shares how a group of women of different ages and from different walks of life made it to the roof of the world.


What the Ugly Tata-Mistry Spat Can Teach India’s Family-Run Businesses

Madhura Karnik, Quartz India – 28 October 2016

The battle between Indian conglomerate Tata Sons and its sacked chairman, Cyrus Mistry, is a classic illustration of how not to bring about a leadership transition



Restructuring, Transparency And Disclosure Highlighted In The Challenges Of Governance In Family Businesses (In Arabic only)

Dot Emirates – 26 October 2016

This article reminds the importance of corporate governance, as according one attendee, too many organisations and firms “still follow the one leader rule.”


Is the Trend towards Governance The Best Option For Family Business

Saneou Al Hadath - 25 October 2016 (In Arabic only)

In Abu Dhabi took place The INSEAD Global Business Leaders Conference. According this article,The governance is one of the main options and directions that family businesses seeking to adopt today in light of the economic challenges witnessed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)


14% of Family Companies to continue to Third Generation 

Al Bayan - 25 October 2016 (In Arabic only)

According this article, it appears that family and private companies ignoring the application of the rules of corporate governance in times of economic boom while the resort has at the time of crises.


창업자 가문 출신 CEO는 월급 적다고 관두지 않아… 오히려 더 열정, 승계 분쟁 땐 외부 인재와 경쟁시켜라 (A founding family CEO works more passionately. Allow competition with non-family members to solve succession disputes)

ChosunBiz - 15 October 2016

Professor Randel Carlock shares from his years of experience on family business growth strategies and ways to overcome disputes.   


Dossier Famille en affaires - Comment instaurer des processus de décision équitable - In French only

Revue Gestion, Christine Blondel - Autum 2016

Family businesses are places where fairness is both highly necessary and difficult to assess. Some processes can ensure that every family member feels fairly treated.


Losing the Battle for Dow Jones

INSEAD Knowledge, Morten Bennedsen - 2 September 2016

Enduring family businesses cannot rely on history; each new generation must remain active and committed if the firm is to stay relevant and strong.


Steering a Carmaker out of a Crisis

Quality Digest, Morten Bennedsen - 31 August 2016


Steering a Carmaker out of a Crisis

INSEAD Knowledge, Morten Bennedsen - 18 August 2016

In times of corporate crisis well-cultivated family assets can be the definitive factor in a company’s turnaround.


Innovation Should Always Be Rooted In The Core DNA Of Owner-Managers

Morten Bennedsen, Brian Henry, South China Morning Post - 5 August 2016

How founders passed on the diversification baton to the next generation? Get sustainable and innovative examples! Siemens, VanEeghen, Toyota...


The Growth Of The Family Business Club

Family Capital - 2 August 2016

If you’re about to go off and study for an MBA with an emphasis on family business studies, it might be a good idea to look at whether the university you want to attend has a family business club.


Interview on Family Business 

Lily Saiko Fukushima, Nikkei Top Leader – 1 August 2016 


Η απίστευτη ζωή της Margarita Louis-Dreyfus – Μιας από τις πλουσιότερες γυναίκες στον κόσμο - The incredible life of Margarita Louis-Dreyfus - One of the richest women in the world - In Greek only

Ιωάννα Δημηλά - 22 July 2016


Innovation Drives INSEAD Alumni

Brian Henry, Salamander Magazine - 12 July 2016

More than 60 participants, including current INSEAD MBA students and invited guests, attended the all-day seminar sponsored...


Family Capital's 10 Great Reads For The Summer

David Bain, Family Capital - 12 July 2016

Get in this article ten recent family business releases which are well worth getting hold of.


China’s Newly Rich Courted By International Private Banks

Alun John, South China Morning Post - 10 July 2016

About 3.9 million mainland Chinese families will be classified as wealthy by 2020 Credit Suisse, survey says


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