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Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise


The Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise enables INSEAD to run events and educational programmes that benefit family firms across the globe. The Centre has also adopted a wider advocacy role by raising awareness and understanding of the importance of family enterprise as a business model: not only are family firms in their many forms the most prevalent type of companies worldwide - they are also proven to be among the most successful in the long-term.


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12 - 13 August 2016, Singapore - FT Family Business Forum Asia

Empowering Asian business Families Across Generations

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24 Septembre 2016 - Fontainebleau - The INSEAD/Henokiens Family Enterprise Day

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Owner-Management in Denmark - The Owner-Managers And The Transfer Of Ownership

Morten Bennedsen og Kasper Meisner Nielsen, May 2016

Ejerledelse i Danmark - Ejerlederne og ejerskiftet - in Danish The report is intended for owner-managers in Danish businesses as well as accountants, consultants and other stakeholders in owner-managed businesses in Denmark. The report aims to inspire and provide information that is valuable in the planning of the future of owner-managed businesses.

Owner-Management in Denmark - The Financial Consequences Of A Transfer Of Ownership In Denmark

Morten Bennedsen and Kasper Meisner Nielsen, April 2016

Ejerledelse i Dammark - de økonomiske konsekvenser af ejerskifte i Danmark - in Danish

In this second report under the title "Owner-Management in Denmark" Professor Morten Bennedsen and Professor Kasper Meisner Nielsen uncover the number of changes of managing directors and ownership changes in owner-managed businesses in Denmark since 1995, and how many to expect in the future. The report also examines the financial impacts that the changes in management and ownership have had on the businesses. The report states among other things, that most changes occur at management levels, i.e either through a professionalization with new directors from outside of the business but without a change of ownership, or in preparation for a succession as new family members enter the management of the business, and that the profit margin of the business declines with successions.

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Family Capital's 10 Great Reads For The Summer

David Bain, Family Capital - 12 July 2016

Get in this article ten recent family business releases which are well worth getting hold of.


Family Business Need Youth on Their Side

Sara Murray, Financial Times - 9 June 2016

For Alan Hughes, securing repeat sales for his family business is tough. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry, whose bells are installed ...


Are Family Businesses The Best Model For Emerging Markets?

Knowledge Wharton - 31 May 2016

In this article, read Christine Blondel about the “natural” way to do business


Vastuullinen omistajuus on huolenpitoa

Perheyritysten Liitto - 2 May 2016

This Finnish article gives key messages from the latest Perheyritys Tapahtuma event with Randel Carlock


Dangers of Gun-based Succession Planning

Morten Bennedsen, Brian Henry, INSEAD Knowledge - 18 March 2016

Succession plans for family firms only work with the buy-in of all members. In this article Professor Morten Bennedsen writes about the Thammawattana Family. In 2014, they signed a deal "to end fifty years of bloodshed and infighting."

Family Firms Carry Innate Advantages

Morten Bennedsen, The National - 17 March 2016

Family firms smack of tight control, risk aversion, lengthy chief-executive tenure and traditional industries and products. Some research has gone as far as saying that family ownership harms innovation for these very reasons. Others say it benefits innovation. But both arguments miss a fundamental variable that determines the innovative edge of a family firm – its family assets. INSEAD Professor of Economics and Political Science Morten Bennedsen comments.

Professor Randel Carlock, About Singaporean Woman Directors For Public Companies - In Chinese only

Randel Carlock, Fortune Time - March/April 2016

In this Chinese edition of Fortune Time, Professor Randel Carlock shares about Singaporean woman directors for public companies

How To Institutionalise Innovation - In Chinese only

Morten Bennedsen, China Family Business Review - 4 March 2016

Family firms provide lessons in creating continuously innovative companies. Discover why family firms have an edge when it comes to innovation..

Rising To The Succession Planning Challenge

Family Business United - 3 March 2016

Professor Morten Bennedsen's latest book entitled “The Family Business Map” co-authored with Joseph P.H. Fan, identifies a number of challenges that families and businesses across the world face during a succession process. These include cultural issues, the transferral of family assets and competency.

The Need For Entrepreneurial Leadership

Randel Carlock, Education Post- 23 February 2016

In this article, Professor Carlock describes four entrepreneurial contexts, which require different types of entrepreneurial leadership.

Professor Randel Carlock on 938 LIVE “The WOW (Women of Worth) Club with Michelle Martin”

Randel Carlock, 938 Live - 20 February 2016

Professor Carlock speaks on corporate governance issues with a focus on board diversity and women in leadership positions. He also discusses a case on Carly Fiorina, ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard

WENDEL : L'INSEAD, Classée Numéro Un Mondial Par Le Financial Times Pour Son Programme MBA Global - In French only - 4 February 2016

In this article, Wendel congratulates INSEAD for its first place in the Financial Times 'Global MBA Ranking 2016' and highlight the long-term partnership initiated in 1996 by Frédéric Lemoine when the Wendel International Center for Family Enterprise has been created.

Four Must-Read Family Business Books

Jeremy Hazlehurst, Business Family - 3 February 2016

Get in this article four recent family business releases which are well worth getting hold of.

How To Institutionalise Innovation

Morten Bennedsen, INSEAD Knowledge - 18 Jan 2016

Family firms provide lessons in creating continuously innovative companies. Discover why family firms have an edge when it comes to innovation...

Three Family Business Takeaways: Lessons From Toyota

Morten Bennedsen, Brian Henry, South China Morning Post - 1 January 2016

Looking at recent events from Toyota’s history, three tips contributing to the success of the Toyota family business have become strikingly obvious: the importance of family names, professional innovation of the firm and its ownership structure, according the authors.

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