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The private equity model has in the past decades created considerable wealth and employment in the most advanced economies. However, future growth will hinge on bringing the benefits of professionally-managed active investing to regions with different institutions, talent pools, and types of opportunities. Traditional private equity categories may need to be re-thought in fast-growth markets.

The industry as a whole would benefit in a number of ways from rigorous research that sheds light on puzzles within private equity. INSEAD sees a role to play by delivering original research and insight for the limited partners and general partners that channel growth capital to privately-held enterprises. We launched the Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI) in August 2009 to combine the energies and talents of the school's research and educational capabilities with INSEAD's alumni and global professionals in the PE industry.

INSEAD's forte is developing fresh insight and thought leadership based on original research. As the only top business school to have full sister campuses in different continents, INSEAD is especially experienced in connecting people and ideas across geographic and cultural boundaries. Our research agenda flows from linking top scholars closely to industry, and these ties help us communicate our findings in ways executives can use. GPEI draws on the resources of our three campuses and executes its global mandate to focus its initial research on new frontiers in PE - Emerging Markets and the needs of LPs.

GPEI aims not merely to provide information or advice; but to help professionals generate their own unique insights.



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