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The INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative (IIPI) was set up in April 2010 on the Abu Dhabi campus to work with governments across the Middle East region on innovation policy related issues. Its mission is to become a leading resource and knowledge hub on the role of government in fostering innovative activities in businesses and the wider community. Read more about us...


What Should Determine Where Start-Ups Choose to Locate?

The Five Cs of Place Surplus

MAHROUM Sami, SCOTT Elizabeth

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Blue is the New Green

Project Syndicate


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World Economic Forum - Book Release

Education & Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches

MAHROUM Sami, SCOTT Elizabeth

The book is the result of a collective effort. The book addresses important issues confronting policy-makers around the globe in terms of education systems and skills training. Read book

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"Applying Energy-efficient Water Heating Practices on the Residential Buildings of the United Arab Emirates"


The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability

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"Innovation in Multi-stakeholder Engagement "


This paper is concerned with the multitude of interleaving issues which emerge when engaging multiple stakeholders in decision making. Read paper


The Atlas of Islamic-World Science and Innovation

MAHROUM Sami, SCOTT Elizabeth

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INSEAD Innovation & Policy Initiative Newsletter - Vol3/Issue11 - March 2014. Read more


Recent & Upcoming Policy Breakfasts 


                        Innovative Educational Policy Strategies

     With speaker, Prof. André Mazawi, Professor and Sociologist of Education at the                    University of British Columbia in Vancouver (BC), Canada. 

                                         Tuesday, 22 April 2014


                                       INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus


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Entrepreneurship in MENA and the Barriers to Scale

  • Education provides necessary skills for successful entrepreneurs
  • Open economic policies will provide incentives for businesses to enhance local talents

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In the News


Project Syndicate - 9 March 2014

Blue is the New Green

In recent years, an increasingly loud chorus of environmentalists, civil-society actors, and international institutions have been demanding that conventional “brown” economic development , which depends on fossil fuels, be replaced by ... Read more

Project Syndicate - 6 November 2013

The Four "Cs" of Innovation

Innovation is now widely acknowledged to be a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth. Whether the changes are profoundly disruptive, or merely provide incremental improvements in products, services, or business models, the results boost an economy’s long-run productivity... Read more