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The INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative (IIPI) was set up in April 2010 on the Abu Dhabi campus to work with governments across the Middle East region on innovation policy related issues. Its mission is to become a leading resource and knowledge hub on the role of government in fostering innovative activities in businesses and the wider community. Read more about us...


Understanding the Rise Of Successful Tech Juggernauts in Unlikely Places

Christopher M. Schroeder


When friends in Silicon Valley concede to me that rapid, near universal access to mobile and software is revolutionizing societies around the globe, they still fall short of wanting to invest there. The risks are too great; the opportunities in tried and true markets too significant; ecosystems outside of the US – perhaps even outside of Silicon Valley itself – are too immature to matter. Where are the opportunities beyond “copy cats” which take successful western tech juggernauts and localize them – say in eCommerce or ad tech – where are the consistent exits? >>

STI Conference 2016 Valencia

Peripheries, Frontiers & Beyond


The STI2016 Conference aimed to stimulate reflection on the challenges posed to S&T indicator development and use in geographical, cognitive or social spaces that are peripheral or marginal to the centres of economic, scientific or technological activity. IIPI was represented by Dr. Sami Mahroum who participated in the Roundtable Discussions. >>


The Power Language Index

The Most Influential Languages in the World


There are over 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, but a third of them have fewer than 1,000 speakers; 15 languages are spoken by half of the world’s population. At the May Policy breakfast seminar, Dr. Kai L. Chan examined the efficacy of language in geography (travel), economy, communication and diplomacy. >>



         KPIs for Innovation in 

         Government >>

The Global Competitiveness of Regions >>


          Open Innovation>>


Innovative Labour Market Reforms >>

Towards Understanding Problem Structuring and Groups with Triple Task Methodology ‘e’


Journal of the Operational Research Society


In this paper, an experimental version of TTM (TTMe) is described in use in an Education project setting in Abu Dhabi. The paper describes the application of TTMe, provides an overall assessment of the value of the exercise, discusses the outputs of the group work and points to the value of TTMe in identifying and clarifying unique group qualities or signatures. The major contribution of the paper is to bring to PSG processes a degree of rapid, non-specialist, empirically comparable assessment on the richness of the group use of PSMs.

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The Middle East Competitiveness Report

Regional and Territorial Analysis




This report examines the economic competitiveness of a cohort of regions in the Middle East.

It explores the fact that whilst many Middle Eastern regions may owe some of their competitiveness to the natural advantages of oil reserves, for others their competitiveness has been achieved through other means...

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Economic Diversification Policies in Natural Resource Rich Economies


Book published by Routledge


Economic Diversification Policies in Natural Resource Rich Economies takes a special interest in the policy experiences of a set of different countries for which extractive industries represent significant drivers of their economies and consequently are significant contributors to government revenues. The book explores several cases including upper-middle to high income economies such as Canada, Australia, Iceland and Norway, emerging economies such as Latin America, the GCC (Saudi and UAE), Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Russia, and the developing economy of Uganda...

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Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-first Century >>>
The Anatomy of Innovation >>>

Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2016 >>>

World Government Summit >>

Contemporary Government Roles in the Knowledge Economy Era >>
INSEAD Innovation & Policy Initiative Newsletter - Vol5/Issue16 - June 2016. Read more


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