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The 33rd Sustainability Executive Roundtable assumes that climate change exists, simply because institutions, business and citizens are already acting on it. Consequently, we will not discuss once more global warming per se, but consider in detail its potential impact on the main stakeholders.



The aim of the conference is to better understand the roles of these stakeholders, including legislators, corporates, and consumers when it comes to climate change:


- How do companies need to change their operations or business models, and how can they involve their stakeholders in this process?


- What are the consumers’ perceptions on a company’s performance on climate change and sustainability, and how does that impact the willingness to pay?


- Which efforts do regulators make to shape the impact of businesses on society and the environment?


- What is the impact of technology and digital in this space? And, finally, what is the role business education can play?



We are aiming to have 3-4 panels during this interactive conference, with a mixed group of academics and senior executives.