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Institute Overview






The Institute is dedicated to extending the research on Blue Ocean Strategy pioneered by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne and disseminating it to professors, researchers and practitioners around the globe. Specifically the Institute aims:


  • To make major theoretical and scientific contributions to the fields of strategy and management by conducting academic and managerial research on Blue Ocean Strategy.

  • To contribute to the practice and performance of companies, governments and non-profit organizations through practical application of these research outputs.



Research Agenda


The INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute focuses on the following research streams:


  • Corporate sector application and research, including understanding the organizational culture, systems, processes, and leadership behaviors that support the creation and execution of blue ocean strategies.
  • Public sector application and research, including the application of blue ocean strategy to governments, non-profits, and civil society.

  • Social sector application and research, including such topics as how blue ocean strategy can be applied in the developing world to mitigate poverty and improve education and health.

  • Academic research on the reconstructionist theory of blue ocean strategy.

  • The creation of next generation pedagogical materials that apply the theory of blue ocean strategy to the classroom to create a new standard of pedagogical and learning excellence.


Blue Ocean Strategy in MBA Education




Blue Ocean Strategy in Executive Education