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IDP Corporate Governance Network

This 7th INSEAD Alumni Global Club was welcomed by the INSEAD International Alumni Association at its Sydney meeting in October 2014.

The club – the IDP Corporate Governance Network – grew out of the INSEAD International Directors’ Programme (IDP). The idea for a network was promoted by alumni who have completed the programme and its certification and who wish to come together to promote good governance across the globe.

The founding chair of the network was William Jones and we are very grateful to him for taking the initiative and guiding the Network to the stage where it could become a Global Club. The network supports INSEAD’s Corporate Governance Initiative (ICGI’s) activities in terms of education, research, and outreach. 

The IDPNetwork organises dinners and events for its members in major cities, and just launched the Advocate and Connect Board Search Initiative.


“Board dynamics, behaviour and conduct are under greater scrutiny than ever before. INSEAD is developing an enviable cadre of suitably qualified international directors to ensure the right conduct and behaviour is prevalent in Boards throughout the globe. The International INSEAD Directors Network is there to foster connectivity, collaboration and continued development for the members of the network and more broadly within the INSEAD Alumni”.

Helen Pitcher, OBE, IDP-C,
President of INSEAD Directors Network


Click here to access interview with Helen Pitcher


INSEAD Alumni: Become a member of the IDP Corporate Governance Network

Full Membership is automatic for Certified Directors of the IDP (IDP-Cs) and is open to all INSEAD Alumni with appropriate directorship experience. Associate Membership is for other INSEAD Alumni who wish to learn about and promote sound corporate governance. IDPN will assist by promoting scholarship, networking and communication in conjunction with INSEAD’s ongoing research and education devoted to the field.

The Network will build on its strong bonds with the ICGI faculty and IDP to promote educational and networking activities.

The success of INSEAD’s International Directors’ Programme has demonstrated that there are thousands of INSEAD Alumni who are interested in corporate governance and who can benefit from the new network.

The IDPN is open to INSEAD Alumni active in corporate governance. Request membership on MyINSEAD

Click here to Access the IDPN dedicated website.