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What It Takes to Shift from Competing to Creating

INSEAD Knowledge, September 2017


Why nondisruptive creation is as important as disruption in seizing new growth. In their just released book, BLUE OCEAN SHIFT, Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, creators of Blue Ocean Strategy, deliver the definitive guide to shifting yourself, your team and your organisation to new heights of confidence, market creation and growth. They show why nondisruptive creation is as important as disruption in seizing new growth, what leads to one over the other and why you’d be unwise not to understand this.

How Boards Will Look in Ten Years

INSEAD Knowledge, September 2017


Based on the recent board chair report, the trend suggests that more women and a wider array of professionals are likely to fill future boards, while technology will play a bigger role in board work.

The Practices of Boards across the World

INSEAD Knowledge, September 2017


Board chairs across the globe generally have the same essential priority: to lead the board and the organisation. But the methods they employ across borders hold cross-cultural lessons for international chairs as we found in a recent study of chairs in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The 3 Es of Effective Board Leadership

INSEAD Knowledge, August 2017


Prof. Stanislav Shekshnia elaborates on how Chairs in various countries provide effective board leadership through 3 Es - engaging, enabling and encouraging.

Cybersecurity: The Role of the Board

INSEAD Knowledge, July 2017


Board directors have a crucial role to play in providing cybersecurity oversight.

Put Women in Charge of Uber

INSEAD Knoweldge, July 2017


Putting women on boards and in executive positions could be the quick fix that sexist Silicon Valley needs.

Five Challenges that could derail a Succession Plan

INSEAD Knowledge, May 2017


Prof. Morten Bennedsen and Brian Henry share the principles in mastering the challenges to ensure longevity of the family-owned business.

Four Simple Rules for Succession Planning

INSEAD Knowledge, April 2017

Prof. Morten Bennedsen shares four simple rules that could keep the business and the family running smoothly into the next generation and beyond.

The Economic Consequences of Shareholder Value Maximisation

INSEAD Knowledge, March 2017


Shareholder primacy is causing secular stagnation. In this blog post, Prof. Robert Ayres argues that shareholder value maximisation (SVM) has become a major cause of aggregate wealth depletion (growth slowdown) in the U.S. and other rich countries.

11 Leadership Guidelines for the Digital Age

INSEAD Knowledge, March 2017


The old ways of running a company won't cut it in a digital world. Board Directors need to have the knowledge and awareness to lead digital transformation. The new digital report by Prof. Ludo Van der Heyden and Liri Andersson presents 11 strategic implications and recommendations for Board Directors and Executives.

The Right Incentive Structure Makes Firms Smarter

INSEAD Knowledge, March 2017


Assessing top-level managerial contractual design from a long-term strategy perspective is essential. According to research done by Prof. Guoli Chen and his collaborators, the finding suggests that board directors should not jump to conclusions when assessing the appropriateness of certain core aspects of the firm/CEO relationship.

Should the Unilver Model of Capitalism Be Protected?

INSEAD Knowledge, February 2017


The aborted US$143 billion takeover of Unilever by Kraft Heinz has put a huge amount of pressure on Unilever to increase profit margins and accelerate returns to shareholders. The long-term focus on society value-creation that Unilever has chosen to undertaken is now under the spotlight. To what extent should it improve short-term performance withough compromising its view of long-term value creation?

Intelligent Boards Know their Limits

INSEAD Knowledge, February 2017


This blog examines the importance for board directors to understand the influence of mental biases and the extent of their own knowledge in making effective decisions. Expertise, diversity and inquiry are key practices that make a board intelligent.

Anti-Takeover Provisions Backfire

INSEAD Knowledge, February 2017


Study shows that the more protected the firm, the less takeover premium it can command. This harms firms as well as shareholders and economy as a whole.

Three Ways to Get Ahead of the Digital Competition

INSEAD Knowledge, January 2017


To thrive in the digital age, business leaders need to accept that competition, like technology, has transformed. Leaders need to be prepared for and capitalise on the opportunities brought about by an increasingly unpredictable competitive environment.



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