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Progress of Digital Business and Leadership Capabilities

A survey has been conducted with European board directors during January to April 2016 by the company Digoshen, on the progress of digital business and leadership capabilities, and what companies are doing to adress the challenge. One of our INSEAD IDP-C certified board directors, Liselotte Engstam, is the Chairman at Digoshen and also a NED at three listed and two private companies. She was the key note speaker at EcoDa’s recent annual meeting on April 21, and shared the results of the survey.
A report is available with the survey results, as well as examples of what companies are doing to increase both innovation capacity and digital competence at boards and in leadership teams.

The report is available free of charge via the following link

You can also via same link, take the survey yourself.
The process is confidential, takes 10 minutes  and you will immediately receive a personalized assessment with recommendations. 

AGM Info

This unique, new internet application makes AGM related information more readily accessible for (prospect) investors throughout Europe. It connects over 1500 listed companies with more than 25 million investors, both retail and institutional.

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8 Steps to Company Directorship: A Practical Road Map to the Boardroom Based on Personal Experience

Prieur du Plessis (IDP-C)

Directorship offers a front-row seat in the endlessly fascinating business world. It is therefore not surprising that the corporate governance-related question Dr Prieur du Plessis, author of this eBook, gets asked most often by business people is: ‘I would be keen to be appointed as a non-executive director (NED). What steps do you suggest I take?’ As there is no short answer, the end result was a paper based on Du Plessis’s personal experience, and this story eventually morphed into a mini-eBook. He has not attempted to write a comprehensive guide to boards and directorship, but only a practical road map to the boardroom for aspirant directors.

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Guide to Corporate Governance Practices of the European Union by IFC/ecoDa

The IFC Corporate Governance Group (World Bank) in partnership with ecoDa have just published a Guide to Corporate Governance Practices of the European Union.

This publication offers an overview of the changes taking place across the EU’s corporate governance landscape. It provides a focused examination of specific regulations and practices as well as a frank assessment of the challenges that remain.

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Internal Governance

Lutgart Van den Berghe, Luc Sterckx (IDP-C)

published by Guberna (Belgian Institute of Directors) and Intersentia

Since there are currently no “codes of best practice” for internal governance, the authors had to rely on governance literature, governance experts and their own research to develop a number of basic principles of internal governance within corporations.

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