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Welcome to INSEAD's research on governance. This site provides updated INSEAD faculty publications including books, edited volumes, working papers, and academic journal articles.

Research on corporate governance is multi-disciplinary and touches upon different areas, mainly those of accounting, economy, strategy, finance, organisation behaviour. Publications are presented here by topics:

• Value Creation, Strategy & Implementation

• Auditing, Risk Control & Performance

• Board Process & Remuneration at the Top

• Investors, Stakeholders & Accountability

• Corporate Governance across the World

• Corporate Governance for Private Firms

A specific section is devoted to case studies.

Future Research

INSEAD's corporate governance research efforts are designed to be cross-disciplinary and to address practitioners' challenges and concerns. Understanding how high-performance boards operate is a theme that underlies a wide range of our research activities. Our future research will further explore well-charted areas such as :

• Convergence and persisting differences in European board practice

• Building better board : composition and culture

• Handling CEO succession

• Women on Boards

• Investors and the board: understanding your shareholders

• Goal setting from strategy to execution: monitoring progress

• Managing risk

• Evaluating top management performance

• The board and ethical principles: managing reputation