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INSEAD eLab is the research and analytics center of INSEAD that focuses on [Big] Data Analytics for Businesses.

eLab is the INSEAD center that connects research sponsors and external collaborators interested in the area of Data Analytics and Big Data with INSEAD's expertise in this broad area.

Data Analytics and “Big Data” are arguably a whole new ball game today. Most companies are sitting on tons of data from various sources: financial data, mobile data, transactional data, customer research data, behavioural data, social media data, etc. The combination of new analytical techniques, computational power and instantaneous online resources has resulted in incredibly powerful tools that have changed the game.

The goal of the center is to develop novel data analytics methodologies, tools, frameworks, and research insights that can help academics and practitioners better capitalize on the vast opportunities the "world of data" creates. To achieve this, the center involves INSEAD faculty with specific domain expertise (e.g. in Finance, Marketing, Economics, or Operations), senior researchers from different fields, engineers and data scientists, and collaborators from other academic institutions as well as the private sector. The center also uses state-of-the-art data analytics and collaborative software development platforms, which enable both advanced data analytics approaches and seamless collaboration within INSEAD as well as with other institutions and sponsors. A key goal of the center is to also develop digital platforms that can support research broadly in the school.


A key focus of the center is to support and develop INSEAD's teaching and research on (Big) Data Analytics. To this purpose, we launched an innovative cloud based INSEAD Course on (Big) Data Analytics.