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Entrepreneurship Bootcamps

The Startup Bootcamp is an intensive, interactive weekend training designed to test one’s entrepreneurial appetite and jumpstart the entrepreneurial adventure. Participants will learn the building blocks of what it takes to create their own venture from the ground-up, including idea generation, team formation, business validation, pitching to investors and more. Set early in the INSEAD experience during P1, the Startup Bootcamp is an invaluable first step to a student’s entrepreneurial journey at INSEAD.

The dates for the next bootcamps will be in Sep 2018 on both campus.


Startup Bootcamp#2, 16-18 February 2018, Fontainebleau


Winner - UnboxMe:

Combination of a subscription box model with an app that provides real time integrated feedback, UnboxMe is able to

carefully select erotic goods and maximize the value for both consumer and manufactures.

Caroline Ballaloud MBA'18J and Stephane De Vuyst MBA'18D



Startup Bootcamp#1, 2-4 February 2018, Fontainebleau


Winner - CrunchTime:

CrunchTime supports people in reaching their fitness goals by building a tailor-made diet with appropriate calories & macros and delivering the ready-to-eat fresh meals on a weekly basis conveniently to their doorstep.

Devashish Tikekar MBA'18D

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Startup Bootcamp, 2 to 4 Feb 2018, Singapore



Aims to grow high quality fruits and vegetables locally in Singapore through urban vertical farming and controlled environment techniques such as hydroponics (soil-less farming). It’s ripe, it’s fresh, it’s natural, it’s Singaporean!

Dianne Oldehinkel (GEMBA18A) Mimi Giraud (GEMBA18A), Komal Syed (18D), Max Klement (18D), Patrick Hamer-Meunier (18D)

Startup Bootcamp, 29 Sep to 1 Oct 2017, Fontainebleau


Winner - The LaborEatery: Restaurant Accelerator that partners with aspiring restauranteurs to provide a space and resources to test-drive and refine innovative restaurant concepts; The LaborEatery makes equity investments in the most promising concepts, and shares in their future success

Sudarshan Sriraman (18’J), Alex Little (18’J), Jaime Urquijo (18’J)




Startup Bootcamp, 29 Sep to 1 Oct 2017, Singapore

Winner - Moving Pod Co: combines the concept of Japanese capsule hotel and RV and provides clean, comfortable, convenient and private sleeping space next to major events to accommodate higher than usual traffic.

Members: Crystal Ren (18J), Elle Shi (GEMBA17), Lala Wang (18J), Olivier Van Hardenbroek (GEMBA18)