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38th IVC 2019            

INTERNAL competition for current INSEAD degree programmes of MBAs, EMBAs (GEMBA and or/TIEMBA) and MFin participations. Team’s entry must have an INSEAD degree programme participant who will play a primary role to develop the venture plan and pitch to the judges. The member would then be a significant part, as a founder/co-founder, should the team wins in the competition. A panel of distinguished judges, who are either venture capitalist, angel investors and/or entrepreneurs, will designate the prize and award winners of the competition.



  • Maximum of 6 members. Each member can only participate in the submission of ONE ENTRY to the competition. Multiple entries are not allowed. Involvement of team members from outside INSEAD is admissible. However , the idea of the venture should come from the INSEAD participants. They should also be the ones to prepare most of the plan and deliver the presentation (outside INSEAD members can only participate in the Q&A sessions)
  • Add or drop of members allowed until before the semifinals submission of the venture plan.
  • Past competition, prizewinners are not to compete. Any teams that did not win in any cash prize in previous competition may compete with the same business idea but should show significant highlights of growth made over the last plan.


  • New venture defined as not formed, in operation or incorporated earlier than 12 months at the time of announcement of the current competition “Call for Entry”.
  • Have not yet received any funding/investment in exchange for equity/ownership from outside the founding team, friends and family (this includes all forms of convertible investment instruments).
  • May have qualified for grants, but the grant is not tied to equity or ownership or voting rights of any kind.
  • No restrictions regarding business sector other than the business activities must be legal. Social-oriented ventures are admissible and encouraged.
  • Evaluated for all round viability more than just the written plan. See judging criteria.

Confidentiality/IP protection and Decision about Disclosure:

  • IVC participants are responsible for any information that they share as part of the competition. The INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE) takes no responsibility for unwanted or unintended disclosure of protectable ideas or content shared by the participants or teams. It is advisable for participants to seek their own legal counsel if they have any questions regarding the protection of their ideas or content.
  • Entries to the competition must agree to make their venture summaries and plans available for INSEAD’s pedagogical purposes. Videos of the finalist presentations is available online after each competition.
  • The Executive Committee of the INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship reserves the rights to update these rules at any time.

Winners' Claim to Awards & Prize Monies:

  • The winning team members must be founders on the founding company’s documents. If a member is no longer involved or if the newly incorporated company’s name is different from the original winner’s prize award, all IVC team members will have to submit a written approval before the claim of the prize money.
  • Team members are responsible amongst themselves for any agreements, ownership rights and engagements before, during and after the competition.
  • Winners will need to incorporate their company legally (anywhere in the world), within six months after the official announcement. The company must have an official account with the necessary bank details. Disbursement of fund will be to this account only and not individual founding members.