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Commonly asked questions


Is there a minimum or maximum number of team members allowed on a venture’s team?

  1. Teams may have a minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 members.

Should the field “Team name” be the name of our project or name of our team? Can people be added or omitted between now and the next round?

  • Team's name here refers to the name of the company in which you will use when incorporating your venture. At the point of registration, it is fine to use a name which your team finds is suitable. A final confirmation of all team’s name and members (add or omit) will be required before the next stage (semifinals round) when submitting your venture plan.

Can I participate in multiple teams?

  • Each person can only participate in the submission of ONE ENTRY to the IVC. Being a member in multiple teams is not allowed.

I am wondering if I can be associated with two submissions. I have a social enterprise that I have set up which I would like to submit but at the same time also working on another idea with a classmate that we would like to submit.

  • You may be part of only one team. However if your venture is not chosen to advance to the semifinals round, you can always join the team later. As an example, you may like to submit your social enterprise idea and your classmate the other idea. If the former isn’t chosen for the semifinals and the latter is, you can still join that team, provided the team still allows you.

If I register to participate, may I withdraw from the competition later on? At what point am I fully committed to the competition?

  • You may register when the competition is open for entry but should you wish to withdraw, due to unforeseen circumstances, we would need you to inform us immediately.

I am an exchange student at INSEAD but would like to take part. Can I participate in the IVC?

  • The competition is open to current students of the INSEAD degree programme. As an exchange student, you may ask to join in a current student’s team but will not be allowed to pitch during the semifinals or final round.

Would it be possible to access to previous year executive summaries and/or business plans in order for me to get a clearer picture of what the judges are expecting? Is there any template?

  • Teams’ venture summaries and plans are confidential information and will only be used for pedagogical purpose.

Would you only accept a 4-pager venture summary at the first (screening) stage or will a first version of the business plan be acceptable? What criteria will the judges use to evaluate my submission?

  • The first stage of the competition requires teams to submit only the 4-page venture summary. Judges will evaluate these summaries based on a set of elements provided in a score sheet. You may find the general guide under Judges & Mentors.

Are students allowed to participate after graduation?

  • INSEAD alumni or friends are allowed to participate as part of a member in an existing student’s team. They will not be allowed to pitch to judges but can participate during the Q&A.

I am working on developing an idea with an external company, founders of whom are not INSEAD students.  If I am playing an active role in the development of the business, am I able to apply?

  • You are eligible to participate as long as your business idea is less than a year from the point when the "Call for Entry" is announced. Your team members can be external partners or non-INSEAD participants but they will not be allowed to pitch to judges during the semifinals and final round of the competition.

I had already participated in the previous competition with no success. Can I participate again with the same project?

  • If your venture did not win a prize in any of the previous IVC, then technically you are still eligible to use that project.

I have a reasonably mature business idea that I would like to present for the competition. Can I register my business idea if my company is not yet incorporated?

  • The IVC is restricted to new ventures. As long as you have not yet received any funding/investment, qualified for grants or incorporated the business, you are eligible to register for the competition.

Is the company’s incorporation a requisite at present time or only in the case when the venture is awarded a monetary prize?

  • The criterion to incorporate the company within 6 months only applies to award winners after the competition.

We are in the midst of recruitment, assignments and classes. Is it possible to extend the IVC summary/plan submission past the stipulated deadline?

  • The competition is intense and all deadlines are fixed. No exceptions to the deadlines will be made.

Are there any specifications for the documents of the business plans (font size, margins and spacing)? Must it be submitted in word document or if detailed power power slides would be appropriate?

  • So long as it fits into the maximum 25 pages, inclusive of exhibits and appendices, there is no set format on how you should present your plan.

My team member and I are based on different campuses. We would both like to present if we are selected for the semifinals or finals. Will there be video conferencing that allows us to pitch our project together? Which option should I choose in the form regarding the campus?

  • Presentations will be connected via webex video conferencing across both campuses. If you have team members on both campuses, do inform the ICE admin in advance as this would determine the team’s line-up. Teams based on one campus would present first follow by teams on the other campus. There are technical details like switching the control of the presentation slides and the camera angle for judges to see when teams are presenting. Advance notification are required for this purpose.

Is there a dress code for the presentation?

  • There is no particular dress code but our suggestion is to dress smart since you are presenting to panel of judges/and or audience who may be your potential investor.

We are part of the IVC team and although very interested with all the projects, we were just wondering whether if it would be possible to attend at a specific time so as not to miss our classes?

  • It is fine for you or any of your fellow classmates to drop in any time whilst the competition is ongoing. We do understand that your classes take priority. However please be mindful when entering the Amphi or Auditorium, especially when a team is presenting, to avoid loud noise and minimise disruption.


For detailed information on participation, please refer to the IVC Rules and Eligibility.


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