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38th IVC 2019

Judging Criteria

Judges for all rounds of the competition are experienced and successful multinational professionals who have domain expertise ranging from sales & marketing, operations, startups, large ventures, mergers & acquisitions, investment and finance. They will use a scoresheet based on the elements below as guide when evaluating the team's venture summary and/or plan. Cash prizes awarded to teams, in the judges' opinion, offer the best combination of business potential and likelihood of successful implementation. The social entrepreneurship award is for a team that demonstrates significant societal impact in addition to financial sustainability.


  • Team: quality of team and fit with the idea; advisory board, strategy partners
  • Execution Plan: clear and believable path forward; they know what must be done and how timeline and execution plan
  • Financials: business model; financial forecasts & valuation; funding required & equity offered
  • Screening round - Structure of Venture  Summary: clarity and quality of writing; structure and sequence of ideas; the document reads well - Stage 1 only
  • Semifinals & Final - Presentation & Structure of Plan: clarity and quality of writing; structure and sequence of ideas; presentation slides; Verbal presentation/Q&A
  • Innovation & Value Proposition: original/innovative idea; solving a problem for customers; must-have vs. nice-to-have; feasible, marketable, profitable
  • Market Opportunity & Strategy: potentially large/fast growing market; niche identification; competitor and customer analysis; effective strategy
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage: sustainability; differentiation from competitors; IP strategy
  • Product & Services (Platform): clear product/service/platform description; product/service is superior to competitors; addresses actual customer needs
  • Potential to invest in this idea: credibility and persuasiveness; it can work and will create value; understanding of entrepreneurship; demonstrates industry knowledge
  • Viability: Long-term survival; sustainable profits

Judges on Campus, SemiFinal, 22 May & Final, 12 Jun

Singapore, C&T Auditorium

Will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance of the presentation





Fontainebleau, Amphi Loudon



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