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38th IVC 2019 - Timeline at a Glance:

Stage 1: Call for Entry – Team registration / Venture Summary / Judges’ Screening

Application Open: Mon, 18 February / Closing date: Mon, 18 March at 09:00 CET/15:00 SGT


Results of semifinalists: Mon, 15 May


Teams submit their venture summaries (up to 4-pager).


Submissions screened by judges from the pool of INSEAD Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiRs). Each submission assessed by at least three screening judges.


Judges will evaluate based on quality of venture summary to determine the most compelling ventures (up to twelve) to progress to the next stage of the competition. The judges will use the Judging Criteria as a guide.

Stage 2: Submission of Full Venture Plan / Semifinals - Closing date: Wed, 8 May at 09:00 CET / 15:00 SGT


Semifinals: Wed, 22 May


Semi-finalists to submit full venture plan (maximum 25 pages, including exhibits and appendices).


Teams will have a total of 10 minutes (5 mins pitch / 5 mins Q&A) to present to judges. Judges will select up to six top teams as finalist.

Stage 3: Revised Venture Plan (optional) / Final - Closing date: Mon, 27 May


Final: Wed, 12 June


Finalists have the option to submit revised venture plans.


Finalists will have a total of 15 minutes (7 mins + 8 mins Q&A) to pitch their ventures to judges who are entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, incubators and spotters of entrepreneurial talent.



Note & Tips to Consider:


All teams’ presentations are across campus with judges on both Fontainebleau and Singapore campuses (linked via webcam/video conference).


Mentoring and Practice Pitches will be organised for teams in the Semifinals and Final rounds.


Only Final presentations are videotaped and along with all documents and materials may be used in future INSEAD MBA Electives and as examples for future IVCs. 


If you have social impact built into your business model, do not forget to mention it in your pitch! (Also, do not force social impact into your venture if there is not one. The judges will be able to know if it is genuine or not.)


It is always helpful to mention how you will use the prize money if you should win.


If you can answer the questions without a slide, go for it! Do not lose valuable seconds by clicking around to search for an appendix slide when you can just say the answer.