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36th IVC 2018

Timeline at a Glance:

21 February - Call for Entry

Team's registration and submission of venture summary - Team’s name, Composition of team members (up to 6) and 4-pager Venture Summary

Closing date : Monday, 19 March at 09:00h, Fbl time / 16:00h, Sgp time

Results of semifinalists will be announced on 16 April

Submission of venture plan

Submit full venture plan (maximum of 25 pages, including exhibits and appendices) and indicate the campus where the main presenter will be stationed.

Closing date: Monday, 7 May at 09:00h, Fbl time / 15:00h, Sgp time

Practice Pitches will be organised for Semifinalists and Finalists


15 to 17 May & 29 to 31 May - time and venue will be confirmed nearer dates.

23 May - SemiFinals

12 semifinalist teams will pitch to investor judges. Web/video conference will be provided for cross campus judging. Each team will have 5 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.

Up to 6 finalist teams will be announced at the end of the presentation.

6 June - Finals

Submission of revised venture plan (optional) - If teams wish to submit their revised venture plan (maximum of 25 pages, including exhibits and appendices), the closing date : Friday, 1 Jun at 09:00h, Fbl time / 15:00h, Sgp time. Otherwise plans submitted during the semifinals will be used.

Finalists will make presentation to the panel of judges who are prominent investors and entrepreneurs. Presentations will be videotaped and with all document submitted, may be used in future INSEAD MBA Electives. Each team will have 8 minutes for presentation and 7 minutes for Q&A.