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34th IVC Finals Presentations, 9 June 2017


Presented by Marcelo Santiso - MBA17J, Pablo Sixto, Antonio Casal, Alejandro Marino & Juanjo Lores

Livetonic provides online, unbiased and personalized financial advice to the user while allowing a direct contracting after benchmarking all available products in the market.
Industry: InsureTech

Pedaru - Winner of 2nd Prize: €10,000 + 10 days development support from MOHARA

Presented by William Chen, Jad Saleh & Kei Furukawa - MBA17J

Pedaru is a dockless bicycle sharing service that will improve the way people move about in Japanese cities by reimagining the bicycle sharing concept and providing users a reliable, convenient and environmentally friendly experience.
Industry: Transportation

SpazioNoon - Patrick Turner MBA 78 Prize: €10,000

Presented by Luca Dotti - MBA17J, Massimiliano Travisi, Carlo Argano, Riccardo Balzano, Andrea Sirtori & Pemika Udomsupamongkol

Spazio NOON is a real estate project aimed at offering high standard housing solutions to the lower-middle income Thai population. A new breed of residential properties, featuring modern private apartments, flexible leases and state-of-the-art facilities including gym, swimming pool, food court, movie theatre, and co-working space.
Industry: Real Estate

Puraleaf - Winner of Coromandel Foundation Social Impact Award & Low Tech Award: €5,000 & €5,000

Presented by Leilei Tong, Alex Lawrence, Catherine David & Sushant Chalipat – MBA17J

PuraLeaf concept is to replace the millions of disposables take away coffee cups & food boxes that are simply thrown away each year with a bio-degradable solution that has a vastly smaller footprint on the earth’s resources – by using a Palm leaf which is currently a by-product.
Industry: Social Ventures

Posterity - Finalists

Presented by Amit Baranwal, Remco Mol, Justin Straub, James Wicker & Nao Ohira – MBA17D

Posterity - Delivering the most immersive Virtual Reality music concert experience.
Industry: Digital Media

Winest – Finalists

Presented by Marcelo Santiso – MBA’17J, Pablo Sixto, Antonio Casal, Alejandro Marino & Juanjo Lores

Winest is a tracker and platform for fine wines, giving each bottle an identity and closing the information gap.
Industry: High Technology