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36th IVC Finals Presentations, 6 June 2018

TenderCare – Winner: €30,000 + 30 days development support from MOHARA + introduction to investors + berth to pitch at the IAA UK Entrepreneurs Group Business Angel Event

Presented by Julie Yang, Jiemi Gao, Sebastian May MBA’18D

To provide high quality, professional elderly care to Chinese families at reasonable prices by leveraging leading-edge technologies, and hence improving quality of life overall.

TechStyle - Winner of 2nd Prize: €10,000 + 10 days development support from

Presented by Adrien Tran, Tiffany Chen – MBA’18J

An integrated end-to-end digital apparel sourcing platform that enables fashion brands to communicate directly and collaborate efficiently with suppliers and factories, creating greater transparency and connectivity of the apparel sourcing and manufacturing value chain

FIXUP - Patrick Turner MBA 78 Prize: €5,000

Presented by Caroline Ballaloud, MBA’18J, Jean-Charles Rollier, Thibault Lafosse

A health digital tool with content designed by doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists. Through both computers and smartphones, they will introduce a comprehensive rehab solution connecting clinicians, patients and health insurance providers

LaborEatery- Finalists

Presented by Sudarshan Sriraman, Sara Zhou, Jaime Urquijo Zobel de Ayala– MBA18J MBA18J

Restaurant Incubator that partners with aspiring restaurateurs to provide a space and resources to test-drive and refine innovative, fast-casual restaurant concepts every 6 months; while providing novel and exciting dining experiences to customers

Orycle- Finalists

Presented by Andrea Carmignani, Paul Warren - MBA’18D, Mark Heath, Michael L Kripchak

Data security solution that will allow people to securely store and share confidential information, gifts and memories with their loved ones at any time in the future

TOQUITY.IO – Finalists

Presented by Akshay Bhimrajka, Mazin Biviji – MBA’18J

Platform for investors and founders that allows creation of customized termsheets and other documentation. These are converted to smart contracts that are executed and verified automatically