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37th IVC Finalists

INSEACT - Winner of Thomas C. Barry Prize: €35,000 + Coromandel Foundation Social Impact Award: €5,000 + 30 days development support from MOHARA + introduction to investors + berth to pitch at the IAA UK Entrepreneurs Group Business Angel Event + $15,000 in AWS Promotional Credit and 1 year of AWS Business Support

Members: Tim van Vliet, Abe Poon, Saby Maity, Jeev Singh, Rymax Joehana – MBA’19J

Mentors: Simon Hill and Antoine Poirson, MBA’16J

To provide sustainable and healthy food sources for the world through innovative technologies. The solution is to recycle palm oil bio-waste to produce insect-based fish feed a cheaper more sustainable alternative to existing products.

Moringa Water Company - Winner of 2nd Prize: €15,000 + Low Tech Award: €5,000 + 10 days development support from MOHARA + $15,000 in AWS Promotional Credit and 1 year of AWS Business Support

Members: Veit Dinges, Andrew Locke – MBA’18D

Mentors: Vikram Aggarwal and Veronica Chew, MBA’10J

A progressive beverage venture offering active healthy drinks and delivering tech-enabled traceability, social-impact as a norm & sustainable operation from plant to customer. It uses exclusive organic ingredients, recyclable packaging materials and practices transparent tech-enabled supply-chain operations.

BabyT - Winner of Patrick Turner MBA’78 Prize: €5,000 + $15,000 in AWS Promotional Credit and 1 year of AWS Business Support

PMembers: Ruben Juan Juan, GEMBA’18A, Roberto Iannone – GEMBA18E, Stavros Ntalampiras, Paolo Ingraito, Matteo Ingravalle, Davide Busacca

Mentors: Ashutosh Kumar, EMBA'05Dec and Aalok Doshi

A device that translates newborn cries into what the baby is trying to communicate. The product is a physical device that, using deep learning, translates the cry sound into the actual meaning. It will be wireless and completely portable, the size of a package of tissues, and the shape of a cute stuffed animal.

Careme – Finalist

Members: Elisa de Lapuerta, Daniel Benito, Pedro Assuncao – MBA’18D

Mentors: Jesper Drescher, EMBA'15Dec and Alexis Hernot

Provides in-home senior care, helping elders continue to live well and independently at home. The driving idea behind the solution is three-fold: firstly, facilitating the search for a caregiver, secondly, ensuring high quality and reliable service to the senior that enables their independence and security and thirdly, monitoring practical health status about senior’s health.

Zera – Finalist

Members: Members: Sorouch Kheradmand, Hela Hamdi, Guillaume, Lemaire, Kunal Guha – GEMBA

Mentors: Somashekhar NS and Krystian Fikert

A customized subscription-based business model built for and with children. The product offers faster scale-up and better feedback by leveraging access to educational system. The vision is to be the caring avatar of children with a new recipe by combining gaming, psychology and meditation, which can empower and offer them a path to their own well.