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Entrepreneurship @ INSEAD

“Business as a force for good” is an INSEAD value. Business creates economic growth that lifts people out of poverty, and creates innovations that fill economies with new products and services. The foundation of business is entrepreneurship. INSEAD is the business school of the world, and it is central to us that we provide a rich and flexible entrepreneurship education.

To us, entrepreneurship is fundamentally about organization building in pursuit of an opportunity, and we see this occurring in myriad ways. Thus entrepreneurship includes the creation of for-profit or socially oriented new ventures, growth of such ventures, turnaround of existing organizations, pursuing new ventures inside corporations, and the funding of new ventures. You become an entrepreneur by engaging in any of these activities that involve organization building. Our entrepreneurship teaching is designed to prepare you for them. We support entrepreneurship by helping you become a founder of a new venture, a professional investor that finances start-ups or a senior executive that drives the growth of such high potential new ventures.

Entrepreneurship means creating new products and markets. It also means freedom. Our education is based on the principle that you choose courses that are specialized in the topics you care most about, and you build exactly the knowledge that you want, depending on your career aspirations and how you wish to pursue your entrepreneurial career. We have courses that are so popular that most students will take them. We are proud of them, and even prouder of the choices we give our students through a broad selection of courses and strong support of entrepreneurship.