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Proud of its European roots, INSEAD The Business School for the World initiated a broad research and outreach initiative to understand and improve the global competitiveness of Europe’s businesses and institutions.

As Europe continued to be plagued by myriad economic and political issues, INSEAD launched in 2012 a school-wide research and outreach initiative to understand and improve the global competitiveness of Europe-based businesses, and European economic and political institutions.  Given INSEAD’s European roots and its close proximity to business leaders across Europe and worldwide, our research provided unique insights about the opportunities and challenges for companies operating in Europe, and how economic and political institutions can improve the region’s global competitiveness and progress.

INSEAD research helped business leaders draw lessons from cases of globally-successful companies and industries based in Europe. With its rich resources, talent, cultural diversity, and sophisticated customers, Europe remains an attractive zone for globally competitive business activities. But given the changes in the global economic landscape, many Europe-based companies have to upgrade their sources of advantage, which require substantial transformation in business organizations as well as in economic and political institutions.  The initiative aimed to contribute to that transformation, by understanding the best practices to be leveraged, and the institutional roadblocks to be removed. 

Over 25 faculty members, from all business disciplines, contributed their research and diverse insights to the initiative. INSEAD also cooperated with external academics, businesses, alumni, and partners, on this project. By disseminating research findings, developing new case studies, compiling rankings and awards, as well as presenting conferences and events to engage with business leaders and policy makers, INSEAD's European Competitiveness Initiative took part in contributing to the transformation and progress of Europe.


Professor Javier Gimeno on the intiative