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The INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative (IIPI) was set up in April 2010 on the Abu Dhabi campus to work with governments across the Middle East region on innovation policy related issues. Its mission is to become a leading resource and knowledge hub on the role of government in fostering innovative activities in businesses and the wider community. Read more about us..


Inside the black box: Journey mapping digital innovation in government

In Collaboration with Ernst & Young


We are living in the Transformative Age. Fast-moving and unpredictable social, economic and geopolitical changes pose new challenges for government, and increase the urgency to solve complex, long-standing problems.

The aim of the study was to look inside the ‘black box’ of digital transformation to find out what really goes on within the teams responsible for delivery. The study’s approach is unique in that it captures the nuances of the process of digital innovation, rather than merely measuring inputs and outputs. It teases out the importance of the individual characteristics of team members, team sentiment, organizational governance and the role played by cultural factors. In every case, the implementation journey involved ups and downs, advances and setbacks, but there were always valuable lessons to learn. Read More


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16 February 2018

The AI Debate We Need

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4 January 2018

The Humanities Help us Understand our Actions and Reimagine our Reality

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3 January 2018

The Roots of Western Tribalism

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29 November 2017

What the Data Tells Us About Immigrant Executives in the U.S.

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The Role of Demand on Innovation: Evidence from a Resource Rich Economy


INSEAD Working Paper


As the demand-pull theories of innovation are making their come back, there is also increasing interest in the role of government demand in stimulating innovation. Governments, especially in OECD countries, have announced initiatives and reforms aimed at mobilising the use of procurement to support competitiveness and innovation (OECD, 2013). Read Paper

Ethnic Inventors: A Critical Survey of the Contribution of People of Middle Eastern Ethnic Backgrounds to the US Innovation System


INSEAD Working Paper


While the contributions of immigrants from Chinese, Indian and Latin American backgrounds to the US innovation system have been well documented, little exists on the contribution of people from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to the US innovation system. Read Paper

Towards Understanding Problem Structuring and Groups with Triple Task Methodology ‘e’


Journal of the Operational Research Society


In this paper, an experimental version of TTM (TTMe) is described in use in an Education project setting in Abu Dhabi. The paper describes the application of TTMe, provides an overall assessment of the value of the exercise, discusses the outputs of the group work and points to the value of TTMe in identifying and clarifying unique group qualities or signatures. The major contribution of the paper is to bring to PSG processes a degree of rapid, non-specialist, empirically comparable assessment on the richness of the group use of PSMs. Read Article

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